The team that has been brought together by François Chatillon is characterised by its expertise, diversity and dynamism. The continuity and quality of the services provided for clients are ensured by its policy on continuing professional development and staff loyalty. The multi-disciplinary nature of its team enables the François Chatillon agency to work in close collaboration with specialist engineering and specialist advisors.

Élise Quantin Paris office
Projects coordination & Managing Director
Éric Gauthier Ferney office
Managing Director
Alice Pointet Head of communication
Marie-Astrid Pourchet Head of publishings and applications
Aline Leconte Office manager
Evelyne Sanselone Graphic designer
Production manager
Elody Humbert Office assistant
Quentin Pigeat Project architect
Delfim Caseiro Project architect
Construction management
Marc Palermini Project architect
Heritage design and construction
Laurent Hernandez Project architect
Clément Rigot Project architect
Sarah Bastien Engineer project
Coordination management
Alexandre Murienne Stone cutter
Heritage construction management
Héléna Striffling-Marcu Project Architect
Florence Le Caillet Project architect
Eleonora Gelardi Architectural assistant
Rita Kordzadze Draftswoman
Arnaud Bablon Architect
3D modelling
Antonin Gilles Project architect
Quentin Govindoorazoo Architectural assistant
Dimitra Skouta Project architect
Heritage and historical research
Yasaman Sheykh Bahaei Architect/Engineer
3D modeling
Thomas Claudel Building economist
Jeanne Dufay Project architect
Slama Ben Naji Project architect
Antoine Ageorges Architectural assistant
Federica Cerniglia Architectural assistant
Jure Smuk 3D Artist