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Projects in progress:


  • Dole, Restoration of the municipal theater, built in 1844 by Bernard Martin, classified historical monument. Client: City of Dole. Delivery: 2021


  • Paris, Restoration of the interior decorations of the Rotonde de Balzac of the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. Delivery 2021.


  • Paris, Partial renovation of the Carnavalet museum built from the 16th to the 20th century, classified historical monument.Architecte associated: Snøhetta, museographer: Nathalie Crinière, owner: City of Paris. Delivery 1st quarter 2020.


  • Paris, Restoration and accessibility of the School of Fine Arts. Delivery 2020.


  • Paris, Master Plan Restoration and Development (SDRA) Grand Palais. Delivery 2024.


  • Paris, Restoration and development of the Hotel de Coulanges. Delivery 2019.


  • Reims, Requalification and restoration in Champagne House of Eisenhower Residence.


  • Royan, Requalification of the Palais des Congrès. Delivery 2020.


  • Strasbourg, Municipal baths built in 1908 by Fritz Beblo, classified historical monument.Architecte associés: TNA, agent: Eiffage, project owner: SPL Les Deux Rives. Delivery 2021.
Bains municipaux de Strasbourg
Musée Carnavalet
Théâtre de Dole
Royan - Palais des Congrès
Hotel Salomon de Rothschild
Hôtel de Coulanges