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Maison des sciences de l’Homme

Conservation of « la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme » (MSH)

Marcel LODS, Paul DEPONDT et Henri BEAUCLAIR, 1968

The Maison des Sciences de l’Homme is an emblematic place for research in the social sciences.

The « temple » sought by Fernand Braudel is the work of the Lods, Depondt, Beauclair practice.
A metaphor for research work, defying the urban order of Boulevard Raspail, its transparent architecture invites us to discover what lays behind the façade.
As is rarely the case, the architectural intent is not architecture, that of restoration is not restoration.
While the basements, formerly car parks, have been redesigned to accommodate new functions, the superstructure has been restored by scrupulously following the « objectif transparence » plan elaborated with the great finesse by the former collaborator of Mies Van der Rohe, Paul Depondt – the true author of the project.


  • LocationParis (75006)
  • ClientEPAURIF
  • Schedule2013-2017
  • Cost/Area16 430 m2 /
  • TeamFrançois Chatillon, architecte mandataire
    Atelier Michel Rémon Architecture
    IGREC Ingénierie, bureau d’études TCE
    ROUX & Associés Ingénierie, Façades
    Consultants :
    Vanessa Fernandez, architecte, Maître Assistant ENSAT (Façades, Patrimoine, mobilier), Emmanuelle Gallo, Architecte, Docteur HDR (Histoire des techniques)
    Anne-Charlotte Depondt, Historienne de l’architecture, Richard Palmer Consulting, Restauration des bétons