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Hôtel Royal

Renovation of the entire Hotel including its 150 rooms

Jean-Albert HÉBRARD, architecte avec JAULMES ET KARBOWSKY, décorateurs 1909

The renovation of the Royal Hotel, Jean-Albert Hébrard’s Work of Art in 1909, is a very complex operation demanding complete restructuration, including all the spaces of the hotel as well as the 150 rooms. The programme od reconstruction begins with the concrete deck structures developed from the Hennebique system in 1907. The furniture must be re-worked and the attic floors, rooves and all the technical devices changed. From its commencement to its completion in the summer months, the overall renovation plan falls into three parts.

A certain emotianal sympathy is demanded. One must commune with the spirit of the place, merge with its history to perpetuate the attractiveness of the hotel. The interior design created by Jaulmes et Karbowsky in 1909 has been subject to a careful conservation work. The preserved curved millworks with its window glazing offersa misty, slightly blurred and poetic vision of the majestic landscape surrounding the Lake Leman.




Since its creation, the Evian Royal Hotel has been imagined as an exceptional place, dedicated to Edward VII who supplied the ‘royal’ in the title. This noble name attracted the French bourgeoisie, fascinated by the surviving monarchy and aristocracy. It also attracted English lovers for the Alps. After spending the winter on the Côte d’Azur, the English and some more northern customers who enjoyed thermal areas, and notably Evian, opted for a stay at the Royal to celebrate the coming of Spring.

In spite of the accidents of history, its renovations and transformations, sometimes harmful to its image, the hotel remains in the eyes of its clients, a timeless refuge, dripping with charm. Historically, the hotel is iconic of the XXth century, especially if we do consider the importance of the guests welcomed.

Here indeed is an atmosphere open to the surrounding landscape, simultaneously monumental and intimate offering a feeling of well-being.

  • LocationEvian-Les-Bains (74000)
  • ClientEVIAN RESORT (Groupe DANONE)
  • Schedule2010-2015
  • Cost/Area60 M € HT
  • TeamFrançois Chatillon, architecte
    François Champsaur, décorateur