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Town hall

Accessibility Upgrades of the Town Hall


The conservation of historical monuments impels us to consider what uses contemporay society could put these structures to. This legitimate and vast question has to be taken into account in the double perspective of adaptation and conservation. Another essential question is the accessibility of the place for various kind of endusers.

Every feature of the structure is considered as a creative problem to solve. The entrance ramp in the entrance hall, for example, is regarded as part of the whole, and they must, like other features, be able to respond to two imperatives : the conformity of the new features to the project ; and secondly, the quality of the materials and the works. These must always be in keeping with the requirements imposed by the monument itself. Some features blend with the atmosphere like the ramp in the entrance hall, while others assert their presence emphatically and naturally, like the lift.

  • LocationChâlons-en-Champagne (51000)
  • ClientVille de Châlons-en-Champagne
  • Schedule2014
  • Cost/Area2 M € HT
  • TeamFrançois Chatillon, architecte