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Complete Renovation of the Site

Louis George NOVIANT, 1967

This entire conservation project, which is still ongoing, was launched in 2000. In successive phases, the boarding school, the workshops and the school were already completed.

In spite of its intrinsic merits, numerous transformations have deeply distorted the initial design which was drawn up in 1967 by Louis G.Novian. « Conservation » as such, was therefore impossible. In such conditions, it has been possible only to retain the the initial layout and the structural grid. The empty spaces of the split-beam columns allowed an enlarged height, while the overall building techniques remained visible.

The thermal envelope, in alternate brick claddings of different colours, fits into the scale and shape of the local landscape. This provides a poetic variation to the repetitive nature of some of the other work, such as the lattices. The site located to the south has also been subject to redevelopment. Thi situation allowed us to reorganise the area into an expansive open terrace. Hence, no fence was required anymore to create a boundary between the Secondary and the High Schools.

The Saint-Exupéry School Unit was planned in 1967 by Louis G. Noviant, Chief Architect of Civil Monuments and National Palaces, and by Roger Michaud, architect DPLG. The overall design was conceived in the spirit of the times, as a set of buildings in the shape of blocks, all erected in the centre of the vast green spaces of the local countryside. This whole structural approach also respected the desire for a clearance of the previous buildings. This was believed to be of benefit for it allowed the maximum of light into the open air as well as revealing a splendid image of the landscape.

  • LocationBellegarde-sur-Valserine (01000)
  • ClientRégion Rhône-Alpes/Novade
  • Schedule2000-2014 (2 phases)
  • Cost/Area53 M € HT
  • TeamFrançois Chatillon, architecte
    Avec Jean-Pierre Baillet, architecte