François Chatillon

Chief Architect for Historical Monuments

In his approach, François Chatillon considers there is no conceptual rupture between the restoration of old buildings and creativity, between heritage and its contemporary expression. After more than 10 years of architectural projects that included social housing, public and cultural facilities, he joined the Center des Hautes Etudes de Chaillot  in order to understand construction techniques of old buildings. Appointed Chief Architect of Historical Monuments in 2005, a large part of his professional activity is dedicated to restoring outstanding architectural heritage works (Le Grand Palais, L’école des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Le Chateau de Voltaire). Les Halles du Boulingrin to Reims (Emile Maigrot and Eugene Freyssinet), La Cité de Refuge to Paris (Le Corbusier), the Swimming Pool of Paris Amiraux (Henri Sauvage) and the House of Human Sciences to Paris (Lods, Depondt and Beauclair). « Preserve to create, create to preserve », François Chatillon is dedicated to bringing heritage alive. He militates for a modern vision of conservation: to surpass the conflict between preservation, conversion and the use of a building is a creative act; a genuine, innovative and scholarly approach. Renewing, adapting and transforming, with the associated issues of regulations, accessibility and usage, while incorporating new ways of life, are the challenges that drive all of his work and that of his teams, within a truly forward-looking and collaborative approach. François Chatillon Architect practice is composed of 30 highly skilled employees: architects, heritage architects, engineers, landscape architects, graphic artists, designers, restoration specialists, historians.