The winning agency of the renovation of the Carnavalet Museum in Paris

The agency, associated with Snohetta, is the winner of the restricted invitation to tender for the renovation and partial restructuring of the Musée Carnavalet in Paris.







The museum is the place where one or more works meet with audiences. If time alters the works, it can not demode them. The public, themselves, change, evolve. Located in the heart of the Marais in Paris, at the Carnavalet museum, the works are first there, not for their intrinsic artistic value (even if most have some) but for what they tell of Paris, its inhabitants, its history, its identity, its universal values. From autograph to monuments, the museum invites visitors to meet a city like a loved one. The architectural intervention will not be translated here by « an architectural gesture » but by a breath that will accompany the visitor throughout his (re) discovery of the museum. Associated with Snohetta and the agency Nathalie Crinière Scénographe, the agency François Chatillon Architect leads the restoration work and renewal of the visitor experience, to offer in late 2019, a new story of the history of the city Paris, more legible, more comfortable, more « delicious ». Client: City of Paris Calendar: 2015 -2019 Project management team: François Chatillon ACMH architect, agent / Snohetta / NC Agency / Igrec Ingénierie / Cabinet François Economy / Acoustics Vivié & Associés